Victory in Barre-common sense wins.

Last month the Barre Development Review Board voted 6-0 to deny a local midwife’s request to operate a small office out of her home after hearing from neighbors who argued that “women — particularly pregnant women — would have difficulty safely backing out of (the midwife’s) driveway.” After hearing this, VPIRG invited our members to take action, and the response was overwhelming!

Vermont’s e-waste recycling program begins

On Friday, July 1st, Vermont’s new electronic waste (e-waste) recycling program will begin, providing free and convenient recycling of e-waste to Vermont residents, charities, schools, and small businesses. The recycling program, known as “Vermont E-Cycles”, was created by a VPIRG-backed law passed by legislators last year requiring manufacturers of electronics to finance the cost of collecting and recycling their discarded products.

2011 Legislative Accomplishments

The 2011 legislative session was filled with victories on VPIRG-backed legislation across each of our program areas. With a new governor in office for the first time in eight years, our small state suddenly had opportunities to pass the kind of major policy initiatives that our friends in other parts of the country could only …

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Governor Shumlin signs Solar Incentive Bill into law.

May 25th, Governor Shumlin signed into law Vermont’s most progressive solar legislation in our state’s history. From Burlington to the heart of the Northeast Kingdom, Vermonters have shown they want solar to be a big part of our energy future. Vermont now has one of if not the best solar laws in the country and VPIRG Clean Energy Program Director, James Moore helped craft and pass it this year.

Governor Shumlin Signs Mercury Lamps Bill

On May 19th, Gov. Shumlin signed the Mercury Lamps Bill, which will establish a recycling program for light bulbs that contain small amounts of mercury. We all know the benefits of fluorescent bulbs. They save energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. However, they also contain mercury which makes the need for effective light bulb recycling programs crucial.

Governor Shumlin Signs Midwife Bill into law.

Surrounded by a happy group of moms, kids and public health advocates, Gov. Peter Shumlin signed into law the Midwife Bill which will require insurance companies cover midwifery care, including home births. The legislation will make it possible for more women and families to choose safe and less costly home birth options when their pregnancies are considered to be low-risk.

Governor Shumlin Signs National Popular Vote into Law

Friday April 22, Gov. Peter Shumlin signed the National Popular Vote bill (S.31) into law. VPIRG director Paul Burns also had a chance to address the media. Under NPV, the electoral votes from participating states are awarded to the presidential candidate who receives the most popular votes in all 50 states. This system guarantees that you cannot be elected President by coming in second, that every vote matters and that each state is relevant.

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