Racial Justice

Working to combat and dismantle systemic racism to ensure equal rights and treatment are afforded to all Vermonters.

Systemic racism permeates the United States. Vermont is no exception. To build a state free of systemic racism where justice is afforded to all, equally, Vermont must reckon with the ways in which it perpetuates racial injustice – and dismantle those policies, putting antiracist ones in their place.

VPIRG is committed to advocating for policy that advances the cause of racial equity in a wide array of policy spaces. To do so, we will support the work and leadership of the groups and individuals who are at the forefront of this fight for justice in Vermont – in particular Black and other BIPOC Vermonters.

The public interest is threatened by all forms of injustice, and the fight for justice calls for all our voices. By working alongside our allies to dismantle a system that marginalizes, discriminates and promotes violence against people based on the color of their skin, VPIRG is supports initiatives that establish equitable treatment for all, allow us to reckon with Vermont’s past – and present – perpetuation of systemic racism, and ultimately build a community free from systemic racism.

Organizations in Vermont that have been doing the work of advancing racial justice:

Recent Racial Justice News

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