Making government more open, responsive to, and reflective of ordinary Vermonters.

Narrow special interests disproportionately influence elections, public debate, and the government’s decision-making process, often drowning out the voice, subverting the will, and harming the interest of the general public. VPIRG is working for a more participatory and inclusive democracy: in favor of government transparency and integrity, against big money politics, and for more fair and accessible elections.

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Latest Democracy News

The Results Are In …

The polls have closed on VPIRG’s first ever Mock Ranked Choice Voting Vermont Primary Election and there was one clear winner: Ranked Choice Voting itself. Nearly …
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2022 VT Legislative Session Recap

We’ve recently wrapped up a busy, successful – and, in some cases, challenging – legislative session. VPIRG members helped win some exciting victories on environmental …
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2022 Mid-Session Legislative Update

We’re halfway through the 2022 legislative session in Vermont, and though our work continues to look a little different due to the ongoing pandemic, we …
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