Turning on your lights, getting to work, staying warm in the winter – these are energy needs shared by all Vermonters.

VPIRG is working to help shift Vermont away from dirty energy and towards clean alternatives. We all know the costs of dirty energy – global warming, health risks, air and water pollution, and an unstable economic future. On top of all that, Vermonters send over a billion dollars out of state – out of the local economy – every year to pay for fossil fuels. That’s money we could be keeping in our state.

The good news is, we have better options available now. To help create a better Vermont for our kids and grandkids, and save Vermonters money over the long run, VPIRG is working to ensure the continued growth of wind and solar in Vermont, improve and expand our clean energy programs, and put a price on carbon pollution in a way that boosts the local economy and supports Vermonters with low-incomes. We’re also educating Vermonters about the many options they have available right now to cut their energy bills and carbon pollution, from weatherization to cold climate heat pumps to solar power.

Learn more about some of our key campaigns below.

Recent Energy News

U.S. Climate Alliance: 1 Year Anniversary Report

Around this time last year, Governor Phil Scott stood in front of reporters, TV cameras and other onlookers on the waterfront in Burlington to announce that Vermont would join the U.S. Climate Alliance — a group of states committed to upholding the Paris Agreement following the Trump administration’s disgraceful exit from those accords. We applauded the ...

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VW Settlement: Update

Over the past year, VPIRG has been working to ensure that the $18.7 million Vermont will be receiving as part of the settlement on the Volkswagen emissions cheating scandal. Last week, that work started to pay off. After the Scott Administration, and Governor Scott himself, made clear that they intended to spend a significant portion of ...

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VT Budget Climate Package Update

While legislators and the governor continue to debate critical components of the state budget, all indications are that he, and they, intend to leave the budget’s climate package as the House and Senate passed it earlier this month. Last year, we told you about an incredible opportunity for Vermont to invest in clean, electric school buses. ...

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Passed: Expanded appliance efficiency standards!

On May 22nd​, Gov. Scott signed H.410 – legislation that expands Vermont’s appliance efficiency standards. Gov. Scott listened to the voices of Vermonters, as well as the vast majority of the Vermont House of Representatives and State Senate, which passed the bill on tri-partisan votes of 137-4 and 25-4, respectively. This law goes beyond current federal ...

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Solar-Pollinator Bill signed into law!

On May 22nd, Gov. Scott signed H.676, which establishes a voluntary standard for establishing a pollinator-friendly habitat label on solar farms and recognizing solar installers that are leading the way in protecting and promoting pollinator species. Just like our work to make it easier to build solar on previously developed land such as rooftops, parking ...

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Efficiency VT Business Pilot Program Passed Into Law

On May 21st Gov. Scott signed H.739, which creates a three-year pilot program that allows Efficiency Vermont more flexibility in working with Vermont businesses on custom efficiency and energy saving programs. While it started as a reaction to the Scott Administration’s proposal to make significant cuts to efficiency programs, we were able to work with key ...

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Vermont House passes budget featuring climate package!

  Late last week, the House advanced their version of the budget in a 122-10 vote, and in it they included a ‘climate package’. This section of climate-related appropriations may ring a bell if you’ve been following our climate work this session! Specifically, the climate package includes: $120,000 for a “study of regulatory and market-based decarbonization mechanisms”. This ...

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