Turning on your lights, getting to work, staying warm in the winter – these are energy needs shared by all Vermonters.

VPIRG is working to help shift Vermont away from dirty energy and towards clean alternatives. We all know the costs of dirty energy – global warming, health risks, air and water pollution, and an unstable economic future. On top of all that, Vermonters send over a billion dollars out of state – out of the local economy – every year to pay for fossil fuels. That’s money we could be keeping in our state.

The good news is, we have better options available now. To help create a better Vermont for our kids and grandkids, and save Vermonters money over the long run, VPIRG is working to ensure the continued growth of wind and solar in Vermont, improve and expand our clean energy programs, and put a price on carbon pollution in a way that boosts the local economy and supports Vermonters with low-incomes. We’re also educating Vermonters about the many options they have available right now to cut their energy bills and carbon pollution, from weatherization to cold climate heat pumps to solar power.

Learn more about some of our key campaigns below.

Recent Energy News

Town Meeting Day 2019 Wrap Up

Last week on Town Meeting Day, Vermonters across the state voted on important local issues, weighing in on banning plastic bags, electing local leaders (Lincoln the Goat was just sworn in as Fair Haven’s new ‘pet mayor’), and addressing climate change, among other things. VPIRG played a role in supporting many of these issues, and ...

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Montpelier: Vote YES on the Energy Efficiency Charter Change!

This coming Tuesday, March 5th, is Town Meeting Day in Vermont, when voters will head to their local polling places and weigh in on important local matters. In Montpelier, that will include a measure aimed at improving Montpelier’s energy efficiency. It’s called the energy efficiency charter change, and it would allow the City Council to take ...

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Volkswagen Settlement Funds: The Case for Electrification

Last week, VPIRG spoke to members of the Climate Solutions Caucus in the statehouse to outline the various pieces of the Volkswagen Settlements. Our Clean Energy Advocate, Kanika Gandhi, presented the group with a memo (see below) and described the state and federal level settlement outcomes. The caucus is pushing for all funding, both the ...

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VT Groups Unveil Shared Priorities for Climate Action in 2019

On Wednesday, VPIRG joined with a coalition of 25 groups from around Vermont — representing youth, low-income, business, public health, environment and others — to announce a shared platform for Climate Action, detailing our shared policy goals for the 2019 session. In a press event at the Vermont State House Wednesday, the coalition urged action on ...

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Plea for VT Leaders to Act on Climate

A major new scientific report issued by 13 federal agencies on Black Friday serves as a dire warning about the ways in which climate change threatens the United States – now and in the future. The National Climate Assessment comes out every four years, but this is by far the most detailed look yet at ...

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80+ No Fossil Fuel Money Pledge signers win in VT election

The results of this year’s midterm elections are in and there were many big wins for the health of Vermont’s families, environment and democracy in the mix — from the election of outspoken public interest champions to the passage of progressive local ballot measures. Leading up to the election, we were proud to have recruited more ...

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