80+ No Fossil Fuel Money Pledge signers win in VT election

The results of this year’s midterm elections are in and there were many big wins for the health of Vermont’s families, environment and democracy in the mix -- from the election of outspoken public

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Montpelier approves measure to tackle plastics

In Montpelier on Election Day 2018, citizens voted overwhelmingly in favor of Article 4, marking the first major step in the fight against plastic pollution in Vermont’s capital city. The measure wa

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Montpelier: Vote YES on 4 to Curb Plastic Pollution

VPIRG has come out in support of Article 4 – a proposed charter change for Montpelier that would give city leaders the authority to address the growing problem of single-use plastic pollution. Speci

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Press Release: VPIRG joins partners in urging the state to protect the public from harmful PFAS chemicals

VPIRG joined the Conservation law Foundation (CLF) and other partners in filing a petition calling for new drinking water standards in Vermont that better protect the public from harmful PFAS chemical

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Early Voting Surges in Vermont

Town Clerks all around Vermont have been excited to report that there has been a surge of early voting in the state, with over 17,000 Vermonters already having voted. With the upcoming Midterm electio

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