Make Polluters Pay: Support a Climate Superfund

When you were a kid I bet someone told you that, “When you make a mess, you help clean it up.” And my guess is – since you are a VPIRG member – that you’ve been doing your best to live by th

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Governor Signs Community Broadband Bill Into Law

With the governor signing H.360 into law, Vermont has enacted the most significant investment in state history to provide world-class broadband internet service to every Vermont resident.Perhaps most

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Universal Mail-in Voting Becomes Law in Vermont

Advocacy groups, civic organizations, and businesses hailed a brand-new law, signed by Gov. Phil Scott today, requiring ballots to be mailed to all active Vermont voters in general elections moving fo

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The VPIRG 2021 Canvass is Underway!

At VPIRG, this time of year usually means ramping up our annual summer door-to-door canvass to renew and recruit thousands of VPIRG members and build support for one of our priority campaigns.Unfortun

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2021 Legislative Wrap-Up

The Vermont legislature has officially wrapped up its work for the session, and once again VPIRG’s research, member engagement, and advocacy efforts paid off. We were incredibly successful in this

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