Victory in Barre-common sense wins.

Last month the Barre Development Review Board voted 6-0 to deny a local midwife’s request to operate a small office out of her home after hearing from neighbors who argued that “women — particularly pregnant women — would have difficulty safely backing out of (the midwife’s) driveway.” After hearing this, VPIRG invited our members to take action, and the response was overwhelming!

Hundreds of Vermonters from across the state in urged the DRB to reject such blatant discrimination and to reconsider its position on this matter.  In fact, the DRB was flooded with public comments – including over 500 from VPIRG members!

We’re happy to report that thanks to you, the Barre DRB members voted unanimously last week to overturn their prior vote and approved the midwife’s request to provide needed local services.

This is a great victory, not only for Katherine Bramhall, LM and her patients, but also for the democratic process in Vermont.  What happens in one community affects Vermonters from Brattleboro to North Hero and it’s truly amazing to see the amount of support Vermonters have for their neighbors across the state.

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