Governor Shumlin Signs Mercury Lamps Bill

On May 19th, Gov. Shumlin signed the Mercury Lamps Bill, which will establish a recycling program for light bulbs that contain small amounts of mercury. We all know the benefits of fluorescent bulbs.  They save energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  However, they also contain mercury which makes the need for effective light bulb recycling programs crucial.

This bill would require manufacturers of mercury-containing lamps to establish a free and convenient recycling program for fluorescent bulbs.  By financing the cost of recycling their products, manufacturers will have a powerful incentive to design their lamps to last longer and to exclude the toxic materials, including mercury, that make recycling so difficult and expensive.

Thanks to all the legislators, the Governor, and to everyone one who made their voice heard on this campaign!

Check out pictures from the bill signing on VPIRG’s Facebook page.

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