Governor Shumlin signs Solar Incentive Bill into law.

May 25th, Governor Shumlin signed into law Vermont’s most progressive solar legislation in our state’s history. From Burlington to the heart of the Northeast Kingdom, Vermonters have shown they want solar to be a big part of our energy future. Vermont now has one of if not the best solar laws in the country and VPIRG Clean Energy Program Director, James Moore helped craft and pass it this year.

The new law doubles the amount of solar power our electric utilities are required to support and it ensures that if you install solar at your home or business you will be paid a fair premium for all of the clean electricity you produce. H. 56 makes solar power easier and more affordable than ever.

But that isn’t all that was in the bill. VPIRG played a critical role in eliminating incentives that helped promote heating oil use and moved that funding over to help Vermonters switch to local clean heating options and invest in energy efficiency. The law also created a new program to help Vermonters save money on their heating bills and make their homes more comfortable without paying lots of money upfront for energy improvements.

For our kids future, our economic vitality, environmental health, and for a safer, cleaner Vermont, this law will help Vermont lead the way for the rest of the country to follow.

Thanks to Governor and the legislators for their tireless work and to the many Vermonters around the state who helped make this legislation into law.

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