VY Preliminary Injunction denied!

Minutes ago Judge J. Garvan Murtha sided with the state of Vermont, denying Entergy Lousiana its request for a Preliminary Injunction (PI) to keep Vermont Yankee open past its expiration date while the court case proceeds.

This is huge news – Entergy has hired some of the highest-priced lawyers in the country for this case rather than taking responsibility for their own polluting ways, and they just lost the first round.  Not only that, Entergy’s lawyers have also suggested that without this PI the company will have to shut down VY in October rather than refuel the old plant.

Unfortunately, you know how untrustworthy Entergy is.  The reactor’s corporate executives have repeatedly lied in their slick advertisements and to our elected officials and regulators.  We have no reason to believe that when they told a federal judge that they will retire the reactor this fall that they will follow through.

This isn’t over, but today we celebrate!  Thank you for everything you’ve done to help us get this far, and thank you to everyone who sent emails, wrote letters, made calls and got the word out about just how untrustworthy this corporation is and just how old and worn out its reactor is.

We’ll keep you in the loop as things move forward.  The next big step is this September, when our lawyers will be working with the State at the full case hearing to convince Judge Murtha to side with Vermont and allow us to do the responsible thing by retiring this old reactor as scheduled.

In the meantime, raise a glass, share this news, hug a loved one, holler from the top of a mountain, or do whatever else you want to do to celebrate all of the hard work that has brought us to this happy day!!!

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