VPIRG launches Solar Addison County

On July 12th, VPIRG launched a program to make it easy and affordable for folks throughout Addison County to harness the sun’s energy.  This Solar Communities program has helped over a hundred Vermonters go solar, and as of today this opportunity will be available to home and business owners in Addison County.

Solar Addison County has a full-time organizer, Dan Conant, who will coordinate our outreach efforts to show how solar power can work for folks in Addison County.  He’ll make community presentations, conduct houseparties, attend farmers markets, reach out to local businesses and engage VPIRG’s 3,600 supporters in Addison County.  For folks who then want to take the next step, we’ll arrange a free site evaluation to see if your home or business is perfect for solar.

With the discounted price, government incentives and discounted financing — you’ll be able to heat your water with the sun for a low monthly payment that costs about the same as what you’re paying now in expensive electricity or dirty fossil fuels.  You’ll be insulated from future energy rate hikes.  And once you’ve paid off your solar panels, the sun will heat your water for free.

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