Vermont Yankee Can’t Be Trusted

This week, news broke that Vermont Yankee has failed to conduct required radiation monitoring at the power plant for over a year. This is yet another warning that we can’t trust Vermont Yankee and the plant should be shut down.

In 2005, Entergy asked for and received approval to store highly radioactive waste on the banks of the Connecticut River. As part of that approval they agreed to monitor this waste to ensure the safety of
Then this past January they said they had the information but you had to review it at the site. The truth was that no one had even begun to monitor this toxic waste. Vermont Yankee’s spokesman called this “an oversight.”
Let’s be clear, there is more to Vermont Yankee than the cost of electricity: there is the storage of high level nuclear waste (so far not supervised properly) and the billion dollar decommissioning of the plant (with less than half the money needed in the fund). If Vermont Yankee is relicensed it will have a negative impact on Vermont, our children, our economy, our environment and our energy future. Let’s not leave this financial burden for future generations!
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