Stand up for Health Care

National health care reform legislation is still being held hostage by Republicans and conservative Blue Dog Democrats in Congress. 
Health care industry lobbying – much of it in outright opposition to President Obama’s plan to ensure affordable health care for all – has also reached astronomical levels.  The industry spent a record $133 million lobbying members of Congress in just a three month period between April and June of this year.
We’re not giving up without a fight though.  VPIRG is helping to lead the charge in Vermont in favor of a reform bill that will bring costs under control while giving consumers a choice between the health insurance plan they have currently and a robust public health care option as an alternative.
We think it’s time to move a strong bill with or without Republican support.  And it’s vital that champs like Rep. Welch and Senators Sanders and Leahy refuse to go along with plan to weaken the legislation.