What’s Your Plan For Voting?

With only five weeks until Election Day, it’s time for Vermonters to start thinking about how and when you are going to cast your vote.

Now that voting in Vermont is so simple, the only thing to do is make sure to have a concrete plan in place to get out and vote. It is extremely important to do so, as the declining voter participation that Vermont has seen in the past has put the health of our democracy at risk. There is so much at stake these days, and if we’re going to change the course of our nation and our state, then it’s up to you to be a part of the change and vote.

There are three easy ways to vote in Vermont: at the polls on Election Day, early in-person at the Town Clerk’s office, or early by mail.

This small but important step of making a concrete plan to vote in advance greatly increases the chances that you actually vote between now and November 6th. So, take a moment right now to formulate a specific plan for how, when and where you are going to cast your vote, using the resources provided in the links above.

You’ve got 35 days to make it happen!

Image via Marcia Cirillo on Flickr via Creative Commons

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