Tools for Democracy Launches!

Vermont has a long history of vibrant civic culture and rigorous discourse on important issues. But the mess in Washington D.C. puts the stakes higher than ever, so we must fight back by ensuring that Vermont’s leaders and democratic processes are as accessible, participatory, and transparent as possible. That’s why VPIRG is excited to launch Tools For Democracy, a project focused on maximizing engagement and communication between elected representatives and their constituents!

We recognize that there are endless opportunities for Vermonters to engage with their elected officials – from Facebook to Front Porch Forum, Vermonters are plugged-in and connecting like never before. These various avenues of communication provide the space for important dialogue on civic issues between citizens and elected officials.

The Tools For Democracy resource strives to help Vermonters make the most of the opportunities at hand by compiling legislators’ websites, social media pages and other communication platforms so that Vermonters know all the ways that they can connect with their elected representatives. Similarly, we hope this tool will offer legislators increasing opportunities to engage with their constituents and be responsive to the needs of their community. We believe that open channels of communication between Vermont citizens and their elected representatives are critical to a healthy, functioning democracy.

Now more than ever is the time to be engaged with democracy on the local level. We hope Tools For Democracy will serve as a resource to empower you to take action and connect with your elected officials about the issues that matter most to you. With so much on the line these days, your voice is critical to ensuring that Vermont’s elected leaders keep our state moving forward towards progress in these challenging times.

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