Great, you’re voting early at the town clerk – make a plan!

It’s pretty simple — we’re all far more likely to actually vote if we have a concrete plan in place. You’re planning to vote early in-person at the town clerk — it’s time to start thinking about the following:

  • When will you vote? Early voting has already begun, which means you can cast your vote anytime between now and Election Day on November 6th. Pick a specific date, add it to your calendar and plan accordingly.
  • What time of day will you vote? Once you’ve decided on a specific date, take a moment and actually visualize your day, identifying a specific time you will vote. Will you vote before work, after work, during a break? Will you vote at lunch time or before dropping your children off at school? Remember to add the specific date and time to your calendar — regarding your voting plan like an important appointment!
  • Know where you’re voting — your Town Clerk’s Office. Early voting in-person takes place at your Town Clerk’s office. Locate your Town Clerk here.
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