Health Care Bill hitting Senate floor, to be voted on today

Thanks to everyone who called into the State House. Thanks to you we are one step closer to universal heath care!

Just minutes ago we got word that the State Senate is fast tracking the health care bill and will be voting on it today.

The floor fight will not be easy and there are several hostile amendments being proposed that would significantly water down the bill.

Please call the Sergeant At Arms right now (802-828-2228) and leave a message for your Senators, asking them to support the bill and oppose all hostile amendments. (click here to find your Senators)

Right now, the bill is strong, and it provides us with a clear vision for Green Mountain Care and a roadmap to get to universal, affordable health care for all Vermonters. It will:

  • Help make health care more affordable for everyone – including Vermont’s families, businesses, and state budget
  • Build a system that is affordable, transparent, fair, and accountable to the public
  • Put the care back in health care, placing medical decisions back in the hands of patients and doctors, not insurance and drug company CEOs who only care about their own profits.
  • Ensure that all Vermonters, including all children, have access to essential health benefits

Please call today – we need your help to make this happen!

Leave a quick message for your Senators by calling the Sergeant At Arms 802-828-2228. Ask them to pass the strongest version of H.202 tonight. (click here to find your Senators)

Thousands of Vermont families are struggling under the weight of medical debt or are avoiding care until it’s an emergency, for things that could have been prevented. Please ask your Senator to support H.202 today, because fixing our broken system is the right thing to do, and we need your help to make it happen.

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