Entergy sues Vermont

Monday morning, executives from Entergy, Vermont Yankee’s corporate owner, decided to go back on their word yet again and sue the state of Vermont, claiming Vermont doesn’t have the right to weigh in on Vermont Yankee’s future.

We knew this was coming and we firmly believe that the state of Vermont has every right to decide not to relicense Vermont Yankee.  The chairman of the Federal Nuclear Regulatory Commission seems to agree.  Just last month the NRC Chairman stated that there are “a variety of permits and requirements for this facility [Vermont Yankee] to operate,” and added that, “I would defer any of those actions (aside from the NRC’s approval) to the state or other authorities.” Translation?  Vermont gets to have a say.

Not only that, but in 2002 Entergy signed a document stating that they would respect Vermont’s authority to determine our own energy future.  This morning, Entergy officially went back on that promise and sued Vermont in federal court to keep Vermont Yankee running past its expiration date in March of 2012.

Let’s be clear: VY was unreliable yesterday, and it’s still unreliable today. Entergy’s lawsuit hasn’t changed that.  It was unsafe yesterday, and it’s still unsafe today.  And retiring it on schedule is the right thing to do now, just like it was yesterday.

As these events unfold, we will update this page with the latest news articles and ways you can take action on this issue.

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