ANR taking comments on ATV usage

Thanks to everyone who sent in their message to the Agency of Natural Resources! Look for more updates on this campaign through out the summer.

With warmer weather here and the snow quickly disappearing, many of us are looking forward to getting outside to enjoy Vermont’s spectacular natural environment. Unfortunately, some of our state’s pristine, protected state lands are at risk of being damaged and degraded by the use of All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs).

In 2009, the Douglas Administration adopted a controversial rule allowing ATV use on certain state lands. ATV use damages trails, degrades fragile ecosystems like wetlands, threatens the safety of wildlife and fragments sensitive habitats. These consequences radically alter the backcountry experience – an integral part of Vermont’s culture and economy.

The Good News

Last month, Governor Shumlin’s new leadership team at the Agency of Natural Resources (ANR) took the first step toward repealing Gov. Douglas’s 2009 ATV rule. ANR proposes to replace the environmentally damaging rule with a new one that will protect our state lands.

The Not-So-Good News

ANR has come under immense pressure from pro-ATV groups urging the agency to allow the machines on state lands. Can you imagine sharing your serene walk in the woods with a noisy ATV blasting down the trail?  The threat is real and Vermont’s public lands need your support today!

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