VY springs another new leak, narrowly avoids emergency shutdown

Earlier this week there was yet another new problem at the Vermont Yankee reactor, and this time it was related to the reactor core cooling system, which is critical to reactor safety.1, 2 
The new leak was causing the reactor cooling system to lose 1.6 gallons of coolant per minute.  It took Entergy nearly six hours to stop the leak and if they had not been able to, the reactor would have gone into automatic shutdown mode. 
Entergy has said that it is going to get our legislature to reverse the decision to retire the reactor in 2012.  In fact, multiple Senators have already suggested that they are open to changing their vote.
Entergy and their lobbyists are working overtime in this year’s election to try and get their way.  They will be funnelling money to candidates, going big with ads on TV, and trying to scare Vermonters with lies about their lights going out. 
We cannot let this happen. Please don’t let Entergy be the only one your legislators hear from this summer. 
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