Update on federal efforts to reform Wall St.

While VPIRG has been hard at work here in Vermont winning credit card reform in the state legislature and working with our delegation on the financial reform legislation making its way through Congress, our partners at USPIRG have been hard at work in DC.
Ed Mierzwinski, the Director of the Consumer Program at USPIRG, has over 20 years of experience sheparding and pushing public interest legislation through the House and Senate, and he’s been instrumental in keeping the Wall Street reform legislation as strong as possible.
The legislation (all 2,315 pages of which are available online) is far from perfect, but it does provide regulators with the tools to make sure that the big banks don’t, in Ed’s words, “take imprudent risks or do anything stupid.”
Click here to read Ed’s recent blog post on the bill’s strengths, weaknesses and what it’s going to take to pass it >>

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