VPIRG Report: BPA endangers public health

Today, VPIRG stood with businesses, legislators, and parents to release our report, “Over Exposed: The Impacts of bisphenol A on Public Health”  on bisphenol A (BPA) – a toxic chemical used in a variety of common products including baby bottles, water bottles, food cans, and more.
BPA is a synthetic estrogen that is making its way out of products and into people and the environment.  More than 90% of Americans have detectable levels of BPA in their bodies.  This is an alarming statistic when you consider that low dose exposures to BPA have been linked to an array of health problems including reproductive disorders, cancer, heart disease, and diabetes.
The good news is that safer alternatives exist.  In fact, many successful Vermont businesses – such as Outdoor Gear Exchange, Liz Lovely, and Bebop Baby Shop – are shifting away from BPA and providing safer products to consumers.  This is excellent news for last-minute holiday shoppers who are looking for gifts that are good for both loved ones and the environment!
Protecting consumers can’t just be left to proactive businesses alone.  The Vermont legislature must also take steps to protect kids and families from this toxin. Senator Virginia Lyons of Chittenden County and Represeantive Michael Fisher of Lincoln joined with VPIRG and Vermont buinesses to voice their support for keeping BPA out of our bodies.  Please contact your legislators today and encourage their support for legislation to regulate the use of BPA in products!
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