Entergy’s best offer

Vermont Yankee has been negotiating with Vermont utilities – Green Mountain Power and CVPS – for nearly two years. And in two years the utilities have yet to see a single deal they’d be willing to swallow. It is clear Vermont Yankee is not a good deal for Vermont.
On Friday, December 18th, Entergy came out with their “best offer” – 6.1 cents per kilowatt hour. That’s 45% more than the rate they currently sell power to the utilities at, and barely less than the cost of clean, renewable energy.
This is absurd. After two years, this is what we get? Vermont Yankee has a sweetheart property tax deal, they provide fewer jobs than clean energy would, they produce dangerous, expensive radioactive waste and they have yet to fully fund their decommissioning. Vermont Yankee is a bad deal, period.

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