New VPIRG report identifies dangerous toys, tips to shop safely.

To help you make safe purchases for your kids we’ve released our 24th Annual Trouble in Toyland report and an interactive website that will help you avoid some common hazards. And the site’s designed so you can even bring the it along with you to the store with on your smart phone.
With Thanksgiving knocking on our door and the rest of the holidays right behind, we’ve officially entered the holiday shopping season. Toys and gifts for our kids are supposed to be fun and exciting, but the sad truth is sometimes they’re dangerous and harmful instead.
Progress has been made on toy safety in the past year, thanks to a new law banning toxic lead and phthalates from children’s products, and establishing mandatory testing of them as well.  Unfortunately, there’s no magic wand to make all products safe overnight.  VPIRG is working hard to get toxic chemicals out of all products, and replace them with safer alternatives.
The findings in this year’s Trouble in Toyland highlight the need for continued improvement in order to protect America’s children:

Despite a ban on small parts in toys for children under three, there are still toys available that pose serious choking hazards.

Some toys tested exceeded 85 decibels sound level, which is the volume threshold established under American Society for Testing and Materials standards. Almost 15 percent of children aged 6 to 17 show signs of hearing loss.

VPIRG found children’s products that exceeded the legal limits of phthalates, a toxic chemical used to soften plastic.

Researchers found lead-laced toys on store shelves. One preschool book contained lead paint far above the new limits.

Learn more:Download 24th Annual Trouble in Toyland report or visit the interactive website 

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