New guidebook identifies funding for clean energy projects

Have you ever thought about installing your own renewable energy system? The good news is there are many funding resources available to help you invest in renewable energy and efficiency. To make it easier for you to find the incentives and rebates that are right for you, VPIRG has created an easy-to-use guidebook.
Want to put solar panels up or improve the efficiency of your home? Own a small business? VPIRG’s new guide is a resource for individuals, communities and businesses to help find the incentives, rebates, providers and programs that are available to help you be part of Vermont’s clean energy future.
See how you can be part of the clean energy future:Visit the interactive online guide  or download the full report
Vermont’s future must have clean energy as the foundation of our energy mix. We have forced our kids to deal with global warming, nuclear waste, air pollution and water pollution for too long. We can make decisions today to build the most responsible energy future possible based on efficiency, conservation and local renewable energy.
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