Great Video on the facts of the federal Health Care Reform

Still confused about the new health care law? The YouToons are here to help! This short video, released by the Kaiser Family Foundation this week, will help you figure out the basics of the new law, including how it will impact you and your family over the coming months and years.
View it online here and be sure to share it with your friends,  family and co-workers:

The animated short movie focuses on three key issues: the problems with our current health care system, the parts of the law that are taking effect now, and the major changes coming down the pike in 2014. 
The video is part of a bigger health care education project launched by the Foundation. You can visit their Health Reform gateway for more information at 
Other resources include an interactive timeline showing when health reform provisions take effect, all the latest polling data, short videos with Foundation experts answering specific questions about the law on a variety of health policy topics and plenty of links to other information resources.
We hope this helps! 

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