VPIRG’s Fall Canvass Gets Out the Vote

For the past few weekends, canvassers have been traveling all around Vermont engaging in conversations with Vermonters about the importance of voting. With election season here, VPIRG knows that it’s more important than ever to get folks thinking about how and when they’re going to vote. This is why VPIRG’s canvassers aren’t only having conversations about the importance of voting, but also getting folks to take a pledge to get out to the polls on Election Day, or vote through any of the quick and easy early-voting systems Vermont has in place.

“It’s really incredible to be getting back into Vermont’s communities and empowering citizens to get out and vote,” says Isabel Handanos, previous Summer Canvass director and current VPIRG Associate.

Voter energy is at an all-time high in Vermont and across the country. With so much on the line these days, Vermonters need to continue to turn out to the polls in massive numbers to show that a different path is possible.

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