VPIRG introduces its Vermont Voter Toolkit!

With election season right around the corner, we realize that all the information about voting along with all the promotion and campaigning done by candidates can be overwhelming, especially when trying to stay active and informed in your community.

To help Vermonters see through the commotion that comes before Election Day on November 6th, VPIRG has put together some resources that we hope will make it easier to find information on and vote for the best possible candidates. With the help of VPIRG’s Vermont Voter Toolkit, we hope to make voters feel as informed and confident as possible.

The Vermont Voter Toolkit includes resources such as…

VPIRG’s Tools for Democracy Project, an online tool that lists all candidates for Vermont office and links to their websites, Facebook pages, and Twitter accounts if they have them. We hope that Vermonters will use this page to learn more about the candidates running for office in your districts and use these platforms to communicate directly with the candidates and let them know what issues matter most to you.

VPIRG’s 2017-2018 Legislative Scorecard, a scorecard of key votes at the conclusion of each legislate biennium. Vermonters can use this year’s scorecard to find out how their representatives in the House and Senate voted on important public interest issues such as climate solutions, energy efficiency, toxic chemical protections, data privacy, net neutrality, and more.

Vermont Secretary of State’s Voter Portal, a state-run website that allows Vermonters to preview their ballot, locate their polling place, verify their registration, and access other voter resources.

Along with the Vermont Voter Toolkit, be sure to check out our VPIRG Votes website – another helpful resource we’ve compiled that has updates on the elections, reminders, and materials designed to help as many Vermonters as possible to cast their vote in the 2018 election. The good news is that you still have plenty of time between now and November 6th to cast your vote and have a say in Vermont’s Democracy.

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