Early Voting Surges in Vermont

Town Clerks all around Vermont have been excited to report that there has been a surge of early voting in the state, with over 17,000 Vermonters already having voted. With the upcoming Midterm elections on November 6th, Vermonters are submitting their ballots in a variety of ways — including voting by mail and early voting in person. Now that Election Day is right around the corner, the easiest and quickest way to vote early is in person at your local Town Clerk’s office.

Voting early is easier than you might think. In fact, it’s just as easy as voting on Election Day. To vote early in person, all you have to do is go to your Town Clerk’s office before November 6th and request your ballot. Once you fill it out and submit it to the Town Clerk, you’ve voted! Vermont has some of the most convenient voting methods in the nation, and it’s clear that Vermonters are taking advantage of the options given to them.

Aren’t registered to vote?  No worries because Vermont has same-day registration, you can even go to your town clerk to register and then vote all at once!

With the help of voting early by mail and in person, there’s no need to wait for your chance to participate in your democracy and vote.

Photo credit: wiredforlogo via Flickr – Creative Commons

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