VPIRG launches ‘Clean Heat’ campaign

Keeping our buildings comfortable in the winter and fueling our businesses costs over a billion dollars a year.  And nearly $800 million of that goes right out of the state to pay for dirty fossil fuels, instead of  looking to clean, affordable heating options we have right here in Vermont.

More than one in four of those dollars goes right out the window, because most Vermont homes lack the insulation and modern equipment necessary to generate and retain heat efficiently.

Vermonters have a chance right now to change how we heat our homes and businesses.  Making Vermont’s comfortable, affordable heating future a reality wouldn’t only save money – it’s what’s right for our economy and the environment.

If we combine Vermont’s world-renowned expertise in energy efficiency with targeted investment in clean, local sources of heat, Vermonters will save millions more on their fuel bills – and keep the money we do spend right here in Vermont.

That’s why we’re launching our “Clean Heat” campaign this summer.  We’re calling upon state leaders to invest public dollars to help Vermonters increase the efficiency of their homes and businesses and switch to local, renewable energy.  We’re also encouraging individual Vermonters to take a pledge to explore weatherization and renewable heat for your home and/or business once our leaders do their part to make it easier and more affordable.

By 2033, almost all Vermonters could be warming their homes and businesses with affordable, clean heat.  And, with one-third of Vermont’s global warming pollution coming from heating our buildings, this is a key step to make.

Stay tuned for more ways to get involved.  And, look for one of our citizen outreach staff in your town this summer!

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