Anti-Wind Amendment Defeated

Late in the evening on Thursday April 26th the Senate debated and ultimately defeated one of the most anti-environmental pieces of legislation that’s been proposed all year. Despite strong evidence that an overwhelming majority of Vermonters support clean energy development, and wind power as a vital piece, a group of Senators tried to insert a moratorium on renewable wind energy projects as a part of the state budget.

After a lengthy debate that seemed out of place in Vermont, the surprise amendment was defeated on an 11-18 roll call vote.  Each of the senators who voted against the amendment deserves credit.   The champions who eloquently defended clean energy on the floor during the debate included Senators Ginny Lyons, Richard Westman and Claire Ayer, among others.

Sen. Westman correctly noted that if we are to meet our existing clean energy goals in Vermont, we need the kind of wind energy that the amendment would have prevented.

Here’s the official list how senators voted on the anti-wind amendment:
The 11 Senators who voted in favor of the anti-wind amendment: Benning, Brock, Campbell, Carris, Galbraith, Hartwell, Illuzzi, Kitchel, McCormack, Nitka, Starr.

The 18 Senators who voted against the anti-wind amendment: Ashe, Ayer, Baruth, Cummings, Doyle, Flory, Giard, Kittell, Lyons, MacDonald, Mazza, Miller, Mullin, Pollina, Sears, Snelling, Westman, White.

The Senator who was absent and not voting was: Fox.

Please thank the Senators who stood up to the attack on renewable wind energy!  

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