Where Do Your Legislators Stand?

It was just over 2 months ago that the Vermont Right to Know GMOs Coalition launched its campaign to label genetically engineered foods sold in Vermont.  With the extraordinary grassroots support of thousands of Vermonters like you, and thousands of other cheerleaders around the country, we set out on what we knew would be difficult work against powerful and entrenched corporate interests.

After weeks of testimony by diverse experts and well over one hundred Vermonters, the VT Right to Know Genetically Modified Food Act (H.722) was passed by the House Agriculture Committee on April 20th.  Vermonters made it very clear to their elected officials that they have a right to know what is in the food they eat and feed their families.

But with limited time left in the session, it is now clear that the legislature will not pass the bill this year. We, like you, are frustrated and disappointed, but this does not mean that we will stop our advocacy on this important issue.  We are already working to build on everyone’s hard work, and will come back next session with an even stronger bill.

Once again, we ask for your help.  Election season is fast approaching and it is important to find out where each of our representatives stands on this critical issue.Please take a moment to contact your Senators and Representatives before the legislative session ends on May 5th.

Contacting them is simple and quick, just click here. Simply ask them, if they are elected, will they support a bill calling for the labeling of genetically engineered food.

After you have contacted your lawmakers, click here to let us know where they stand on this issue. Whether their answer is Yes, No or Maybe, this information will be extremely useful in our grassroots organizing and legislative efforts and success next year.

On behalf of NOFA VT, Rural Vermont and VPIRG, thank you for your strong support and excellent work on this issue. We look forward to working with you and everyone as we prepare for the next legislative session.

Our organizations will be in touch to let you know about other issues and programs we are working on of importance to Vermont’s consumers, farms, food system and environment.

Onward ….

Falko Schilling
Consumer Protection Advocate,
802-223-5221 x.26
David L. Rogers,
Policy Advisor,
NOFA Vermont
(NOFA office)
(Home office)
Andrea Stander
Executive Director,
Rural Vermont
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