Bill Passed! Now Easier to Power with Renewables

Vermont leaders took another step in the right direction toward our clean energy future.  The Vermont House unanimously passed a bill (H.475) that improves the State’s net metering program and makes it even easier for Vermonters to power their homes and businesses with renewable energy.

The legislation builds on work VPIRG and our partners started last year to streamline the process needed for Vermont homeowners to power their homes with renewable energy.  “Vermonters overwhelmingly want to take control of their own energy future by embracing renewable energy,” said Ben Walsh, VPIRG’s Clean Energy Advocate.  “Providing greater clarity and removing unnecessary red tape, this bill makes it even easier for Vermonters to go green with their energy choices.”

It also improves “group net metering,” which allows multiple homeowners or businesses to pool their resources and build one larger renewable plant (like a small solar farm or a medium sized wind turbine) from which they all benefit.

Click here to view the bill as passed by the House.

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