VPIRG celebrates a win for fair elections!

On Tuesday, we sent out an email blast asking our members to urge the Senate to seize their one opportunity to pass commonsense rules on money in politics. We’d caught wind that some state senators were playing political games with this important legislation, and we weren’t about to stand by and watch.

Guess what? Hundreds of member emails later on Friday afternoon, the political logjam blocking election reform finally broke! The Senate voted 24-3 in favor of the VPIRG-backed bill.

(We can’t help but point out that every single Senator received emails to support S.82 from VPIRG members in their district…)

They approved commonsense limits on campaign contributions, much greater disclosure from candidates and Political Action Committees, a ban on corporate contributions to candidates, and a revitalized system of public financing for qualifying candidates for Gov. and Lt. Gov.

This is a major victory for VPIRG, our legislative champs and allies supporting fair elections!

Now, with your help, we’re setting our sights on to the House…

Read VPIRG’s press statement on the passage of S.82 here.

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