The GMO bill has been scheduled!


House Judiciary Committee Chairman, Bill Lippert, notified the leaders of the VT Right to Know Coalition late Friday afternoon that the GMO Labeling Bill, H.112, will be introduced to his Committee on Thurs. April 18 at 8:30 AM. The Committee will begin its work on the bill by hearing from Legislative Counsel, Mike O’Grady who drafted the bill and Assistant Attorney General Bridget Asay regarding the legal issues of the bill.

After passing through the House Agriculture Committee with a 8-3 vote, H.112 stalled in the Judiciary committee for almost a month before representatives under pressure from their constituents scheduled the bill for a hearing. The Committee will now hear testimony regarding the legal issues associated with the bill, working to make it as strong as possible in the event of a lawsuit.

Once the Judiciary Committee is satisfied with the bill’s legal strengths, it will likely go to the House Floor for a full House vote. As the bill moves towards a full vote, it’s increasingly important to restart the conversation around GMO labeling in Vermont, so we’re asking our supporters to write letters to the editors of their local newspapers, explaining their own personal viewpoint on why GE labeling is a good move for Vermont. Check out our letter-writing guide here:

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