Green Mountain Care Conference Call with Gov. Shumlin

On Wednesday, May 25th, Govenor Shumlin joined VPIRG on a conference call to talk about the landmark health care law that was signed into law on May 26th. On the call were VPIRG’s Health Care Advocate Cassnadra Gekas, Dan Barlow from Vermont Buisnesses for Social Responsibility, Dr. Deb Richter from Vermont for Single Payer, and James Haslam from the Worker’s Center.

The panelists overviewed the efforts behind passing this historical bill, detials of how this law will affect Vermonters and plans for continuing this campaign over the summer.

In case you missed out on the conference call, you can listen to the call here. Either right click and select “Save Link As” to download the MP3 file or click the link to open the player on your web browser (there are two minutes of the recording before the presentation begins). We hope you enjoy.

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