UPDATED: Lawmakers advance appliance efficiency standards bill

Updated (5/10/18): This week, the Vermont legislature passed H.410, the expanded appliance efficiency standards and omnibus energy bill! This bill now heads to the governor’s desk. If he signs it, Vermonters could save nearly $17 million per year in energy costs by 2025 — simply thanks to more efficient appliances. This bill also includes provisions that will help the state create plans to meet our renewable energy goals, and establish an annual reporting system to report on how the state is doing on these goals and what progress still needs to be made.

Original post:

On Thursday, February 1, the bill to expand appliance efficiency standards passed the House of Representatives with strong tri-partisan support. H.410 will now move to the Senate, beginning in the Senate Natural Resources & Energy Committee.

In a roll-call vote on Wednesday to approve the third reading of the bill, the bill received overwhelming support in a vote of 137-4. The Thursday voice vote reflected similarly strong support.

Speaker of the House Mitzi Johnson lauded the bill, saying, “This bill is a no-brainer for Vermont. Not only will this legislation reduce emissions, the money saved will also benefit Vermonters’ bottom line.”

The eighteen products covered under H.410 are estimated to save Vermonters over $210 million on their energy bills by 2035. It will also annually reduce over 33,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions, equivalent to taking nearly 6,000 cars off the road every year.

This is a critical step forward on this bill, which would have a significant impact on our carbon emissions and total energy use. We urge the Vermont Senate to take up and pass H.410 and we look forward to keeping Vermonters engaged in that process.

Thank you for speaking out.

Many of you have called and emailed your Representatives already on this bill. Your voices have made a huge impact – the overwhelming support for this bill in the House is clear proof that you were heard! Now there are a few more ways to make your voice heard:

Thank the bill’s sponsors: Reach out to Representatives Curt McCormack and Marcia Gardner to thank them for their hard work introducing and championing H.410. You can email them (cmccormack@leg.state.vt.us and mgardner@leg.state.vt.us) or leave a message for them by calling the State House (800-322-5615) between 8am-4pm M-F.

Urge your Senators to pass H.410: Reach out to your Senators to encourage them to take up and pass H.410, particularly if your Senators are on the Senate Natural Resources and Energy Committee. You can do so by emailing them or calling the State House (800-322-5615) between 8am-4pm M-F. The Committee members are:

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