A Valuable Lesson on Persons, Government, and Corporations

At the forum on November 29th, David Cobb of Move to Amend enthralled the crowd of more than 300 people with a fundamental lesson on the nature of democracy.  Using a whiteboard and his booming Texan, son-of-a-preacher voice, he explained:

  • what it means to be a “person” in the eyes of our Constitution;
  • the proper role of government (with an aha “We should try that!” moment);
  • and, how corporations ended up with the rights of persons.

His presentation, in 12 minutes or less, is available on YouTube, along with other clips from the night.  As one audience member said, “this lesson should be held in every middle and high school class in the state.”

To join the movement and take action on this issue, contact your legislator via our Democracy Action page.

Spread the word here.

For more information on the national movement to amend the constitution, visit:


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