U.S. Senate Announces Health Care Bill

Today the Senate’s unveiled its health care bill – the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.
Majority Leader Reid for introduced the legislation that will provide more affordable health coverage to America’s families and businesses, stop insurance company abuses, and provide the choice of a public health insurance option.
The public option is in the bill as promised — it’s almost the exact same as the version passed by the late Senator Ted Kennedy’s H.E.L.P. Committee earlier this year.
Now the full Senate needs to get to work quickly on debating this legislation, considering reasonable amendments, and sending a bill to conference as soon as possible.  Congress must do all it can to deliver to the President reforms that guarantee good, affordable coverage for our families and businesses and establish a healthy foundation for our economy.
It is clear that America can’t afford  putting politics ahead of the public good and allow the health insurance industry to continue denying Americans the health care coverage they need while raising premiums and bankrupting America’s families. 
Click here for a Comparison between the House and Senate Helath Care bills.

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