Sen. Bernie Sanders: Back to work

Vermonters from VPIRG, Vermont AFL-CIO, American Cancer Society and Vermont Interfaith Action gathered to thank Senator Bernie Sanders for leading the charge for health care reform, and encouraged his continued resolve even as the Obama administration may be wavering.
We thank Sen. Sanders for being a champion on this critical issue, and to urge him to stay strong in the face of powerful insurance industry opposition and a potentially faltering Obama administration.
As Vermont’s federal delegation heads back to work in DC today, the future of health care reform hangs in the balance.We’re counting on Sen. Sanders, as well as Sen. Leahy and Congressman Welch, to lead the charge for meaningful reform and a strong public option in legislation to be passed this year.
President Obama will address a joint session of Congress Wednesday night in an attempt to refocus the health care debate. Over the weekend, administration sources continued to portray the President as being supportive of a public option. But they would not say whether he would declare the public option to be essential.
Members of the Vermont delegation have each expressed support for a public option in any health care bill. Sen. Sanders and Rep. Welch have supported strong bills that passed out of their respective committees earlier this summer.

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