No lying allowed: VPIRG petitions PSB to stand up to VY

Vermont Yankee’s corporate owner, Entergy, lied to Vermont’s regulators to get its license. This is unacceptable. Our state regulators need to make clear that lying in a government proceeding will not be rewarded. That’s why today VPIRG petitioned the PSB to enforce the law against Entergy.
Numerous Vermont Yankee executives lied to our state’s regulators during numerous proceedings over Entergy’s application to keep the crumbling plant operating for more 20 years. Yet this out-of-state corporation plans to get away with it, just business as usual.
Well, not in Vermont. We pride ourselves on clean government and responsible business. Criminals don’t get to lie to the police. Witnesses don’t get to perjure themselves in court. And corporations don’t get to submit untruthful applications under oath while seeking lucrative permits.
VPIRG is asking the PSB to use its well-established authority and stand up to Entergy by denying its fraudulent application. Any lesser response by the PSB will give a green light to other corporations to freely lie to our government to get what they want.
The Public Service Board needs also to hear from Vermonters like you from across the state that it needs to stand up to Entergy.
To read VPIRGs petition to the PSB click here >>

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