New Poll: Vermonters want VT Yankee closed

WCAX recently conducted a poll on whether Vermonters want Vermont Yankee to be re-licensed and the response was by by a nearly 2:1 margin Vermonters with opinion say retire VY on schedule.
According to WCAX, they ” also asked what Vermonters think about closing the 40-year-old Vermont Yankee and building a new nuclear plant in-state. Just this week President Barack Obama said he supports building new nuclear power plants and in Vermont the lawmaker who represents Vernon, where Yankee is located, is pushing a plan to build a new nuclear power plant there to replace Yankee. But our poll found overwhelmingly about two-thirds of Vermonters don’t like that idea and do not want a new nuclear plant.”
Continue reading to see a summary of the results  and  for full results click here.
QUESTION: Do you think Vermont Yankee should get another 20-year extension  to operate in Vermont?

QUESTION: Should nuclear energy be a part of Vermont’s energy future?

To read the full poll results click here>>>

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