Nearly half of pet products tested found to contain toxic chemicals

VPIRG teamed up with the Central Vermont Humane Society to announce the launch of, a new, user-friendly website that shows you which consumer products — including those or your pet — contain toxic chemicals.
Created by the Ecology Center, provides consumers with 15,000 independent test results on over 5,000 common items including pet products, women’s handbags, back-to-school supplies, cars, and car seats.
Products were tested for toxic chemicals including lead, brominated flame retardants, chlorine (PVC), cadmium, arsenic and mercury. The website’s results confirm that consumer products throughout our economy contain harmful chemicals that can lead to serious health impacts.
Toxins in pet products are part of a much larger problem. Under current federal law, chemicals in all products — not just pet toys – are virtually unregulated. This is unacceptable. Consumers shouldn’t have to scour databases or earn their honorary degrees in chemistry to avoid buying poisonous products.
While efforts are underway at the national level to reform our current system, VPIRG is working with coalition partners to implement legislation in Vermont to phase out harmful chemicals and to ensure that we are taking steps to protect Vermonters and their furry family members from toxic exposures.
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