Final BPA vote this Friday

 The bill that will protect our families from the toxic chemical BPA has been passed out of committee and will be on the House floor on Friday.   
I’ve got a newborn baby boy, and as a new mom I’m learning how difficult it can be to identify safe products for our kids.  We shouldn’t have to worry that our kids’ baby bottles and infant formula containers (or adults’ water bottles or Tupperware, for that matter) leach toxic chemicals.  That’s why I’ve been working with legislators and VPIRG members to ban BPA from a whole slew of reusable food and beverage containers, as well as infant formula containers.
BPA is a dangerous chemical that has been linked to breast cancer, diabetes, and obesity, and is used to make baby bottles, water bottles, and more.  There are safer alternatives to BPA that are already on store shelves, but during committee hearings the chemical industry continued to make misleading statements attempting to confuse our legislators and delay action.  Thanks to the diligence of the Human Services committee these tactics didn’t work, but we know that the chemical industry will stop at nothing to keep selling their toxic product.
Now we have to make sure our Representatives know that BPA is dangerous and safer alternatives are already available, regardless of what the chemical industry lobbyists would like them to believe.  Please help us do this by emailing your Representatives today and encouraging them to support S.247.

PS – The Burlington Free Press had a good article on our efforts to pass the BPA ban in this past Sunday’s paper. It also had some good information about the bill and BPA itself. You can check it out here.

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