Town Meeting Day Resources

Democracy is alive and well in Vermont, demonstrated by the gamut of activity on municipal election ballots in cities and towns across the state.  Read up on exciting issues and measures on the ballot.

Citizens United Resolutions

Citizens United resolutions appear on the ballots in 40 Vermont cities and towns.  Click here to learn if your city or town has a Citizens United resolution on the ballot and to find more information on the measure.

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Local Energy Measures

Many cities and towns are working to promote energy conservation and residential renewable energy projects by adopting Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) measures.  See if your town is one of them.

Download the Guide to Implement PACE

Download a Town Meeting flyer to promote PACE

Click to visit an interactive website for more resources on PACE

Health Care Discussions

While formal votes on health care don’t appear on the docket, Vermont’s path to universal, affordable health care is at risk.  You can help us counter opponents looking to confuse and scare us by reporting back the myths they’re spreading in your community and getting your neighbors the real facts.  Find out how to help get the facts about health care reform out in your community.

View the recent webinar to learn about the Health Benefit Exchange

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Young Voters – Register Now!

Thanks to a recent change in Vermont’s Constitution, Vermonters who turn 18 before Election Day can vote in primaries while they’re still 17.  The registration deadline for the upcoming primary is Wednesday, February 29th. 

Visit the Secretary of State website to register today

View the online Citizen’s Guide to Town Meeting Day

More Issue Fact Sheets

Are there other public interest issues you’d like to promote in your town?  Here are a number of recent fact sheets available to spread the word on some of VPIRG’s current campaigns.
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