We Want to Hear Your Thoughts on Vote-by-Mail

As we collectively catch our breath (and breathe a sigh of relief!) following the election, we have a lot to be proud of as Vermonters. More than 365,000 Vermonters participated in the 2020 Vermont general election, blowing away the previous record by more than 40,000 votes.  
This record-breaking turnout is due to a variety of factors – voters recognizing the significance of this particular election, tireless get-out-the-vote efforts by VPIRG, our allies, and citizens statewide, and, most notably, the unprecedented ease of voting access thanks to Vermont’s decision to mail every registered voter their ballot for the general election. 

What this election has shown is that when you make voting easier for people, more people voteAutomatically mailing every registered voter in Vermont their ballot for the 2020 general election unequivocally proved this. 

Candidates of all parties saw benefits from increased voter turnout, and our state government will be even more representative of the people of Vermont this legislative biennium as a result. 

As we reflect on the incredible success of universal vote-by-mail and turn our gaze to the future, VPIRG and our allies are considering taking steps to make universal vote-by-mail a permanent feature of Vermont elections. As we consider that, we want to hear about Vermonters’ experience with voting in this election. 

Will you take a moment to share how vote-by-mail worked for you this year? 

We’d love to hear what you liked about the way the 2020 general election was conducted in Vermont, how the new vote-by-mail system impacted your voting experience, and what you think could be improved upon in the future. Opinions, personal stories/experiences, and suggestions are all welcome. 

All feedback can be given through our online form and is greatly appreciated. 

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