VT House Passes Vote-By-Mail Legislation on 115-29 Vote

The team here at VPIRG is excited to send a massive “THANK YOU” to the 115 members of the Vermont House of Representatives who took a stand today to ensure that no Vermonter has to choose between their safety and their right to vote this year.

Late this afternoon, the Vermont House of Representatives gave its final approval (115-29) to S.348, a bill granting full authority to the Secretary of State to mail all registered voters a ballot for this year’s General Election in November. This legislation will make it possible to move forward with a vote-by-mail system in Vermont to make voting safe and secure amid the coronavirus pandemic. Amendments attempting to limit who may return ballots, introduced by Republicans Beck and Scheuermann, were voted down 50-94 and 57-88 respectively.

With regard to the Scheuermann amendment, the Secretary of State testified this morning that he will be issuing a directive prohibiting candidates from collecting ballots.

Earlier legislation passed in March granted joint authority to the Governor and Secretary of State, however, Gov. Scott made clear that he preferred not to be part of the process. Further, Gov. Scott was unwilling to approve a plan to move forward with vote-by-mail until after the August primary. Secretary of State Condos made clear that waiting until August to make the decision was untenable and would therefore fail to offer the greatest protections for voters and poll workers.

The bill will now head toward the Governor’s desk.

“Voting from home is the safest way to hold elections in the midst of this pandemic. Now is not an appropriate time to create unprecedented restrictions or barriers to an individual’s means of exercising their democratic right to vote.  I applaud every house member who voted in favor of safe, participatory elections today,” said VPIRG Government Reform Associate Kate Lapp.

“At a time when some of our fellow Americans are forced to wait in line for five hours or more to exercise their right to vote, it’s good to see Vermont moving in the opposite direction. This is a time when we should be dismantling every unnecessary barrier to voting and making the process as safe as possible. This legislation does just that,” added VPIRG Executive Director Paul Burns.

See how your reps voted here and consider sending a note of thanks to the representatives who voted YES on S.348!

Not sure who your rep is? Use our legislator lookup tool to find out!

Representative Robin ScheuAddison-1Yea
Representative Amy SheldonAddison-1Yea
Representative Peter ConlonAddison-2Yea
Representative Matthew Birong Jr.Addison-3Yea
Representative Diane LanpherAddison-3Yea
Representative Mari CordesAddison-4Yea
Representative Caleb ElderAddison-4Yea
Representative Harvey SmithAddison-5Yea
Representative Terry NorrisAddison-RutlandAbsent
Representative Nelson BrownellBennington-1Yea
Representative Christopher BatesBennington-2-1Yea
Representative Timothy R. Corcoran IIBennington-2-1Yea
Representative Mary A. MorrisseyBennington-2-2Nay
Representative James CarrollBennington-2-2Yea
Representative David DurfeeBennington-3Yea
Representative Cynthia BrowningBennington-4Yea
Representative Kathleen JamesBennington-4Yea
Representative Linda Joy SullivanBennington-RutlandYea
Representative Marcia MartelCaledonia-1Nay
Representative Joseph "Chip" Troiano Caledonia-2Yea
Representative Scott BeckCaledonia-3Nay
Representative R. Scott CampbellCaledonia-3Yea
Representative Martha FeltusCaledonia-4Yea
Representative Patrick SeymourCaledonia-4Yea
Representative Catherine TollCaledonia-WashingtonYea
Representative Marcia GardnerChittenden-1Yea
Representative Christopher MattosChittenden-10Nay
Representative John PalasikChittenden-10Nay
Representative Terence MacaigChittenden-2Yea
Representative James McCulloughChittenden-2Yea
Representative Trevor SquirrellChittenden-3Yea
Representative George W. TillChittenden-3Yea
Representative Michael YantachkaChittenden-4-1Yea
Representative William J. Lippert Jr.Chittenden-4-2Yea
Representative Kathryn WebbChittenden-5-1Yea
Representative Jessica BrumstedChittenden-5-2Yea
Representative Robert HooperChittenden-6-1Yea
Representative Carol OdeChittenden-6-1Yea
Representative Jean O'SullivanChittenden-6-2Yea
Representative Jill KrowinskiChittenden-6-3Yea
Representative Curt McCormackChittenden-6-3Yea
Representative Brian CinaChittenden-6-4Yea
Representative Selene ColburnChittenden-6-4Yea
Representative Johannah DonovanChittenden-6-5Yea
Representative Mary SullivanChittenden-6-5Yea
Representative Barbara RachelsonChittenden-6-6Yea
Representative Harold "Hal" Colston Chittenden-6-7Yea
Representative Diana GonzalezChittenden-6-7Yea
Representative Martin LaLondeChittenden-7-1Yea
Representative Ann PughChittenden-7-2Yea
Representative John KillackyChittenden-7-3Yea
Representative Maida TownsendChittenden-7-4Yea
Representative Linda K. MyersChittenden-8-1Yea
Representative Marybeth RedmondChittenden-8-1Yea
Representative Dylan GiambatistaChittenden-8-2Yea
Representative Lori HoughtonChittenden-8-2Yea
Representative Robert BancroftChittenden-8-3Nay
Representative Seth ChaseChittenden-9-1Yea
Representative Curt TaylorChittenden-9-1Yea
Representative Patrick BrennanChittenden-9-2Nay
Representative Sarah "Sarita" Austin Chittenden-9-2Yea
Representative Constance QuimbyEssex-CaledoniaNay
Representative Paul LefebvreEssex-Caledonia-OrleansYea
Representative Carl RosenquistFranklin-1Nay
Representative Barbara MurphyFranklin-2Yea
Representative Casey ToofFranklin-3-1Nay
Representative Michael McCarthyFranklin-3-1Yea
Representative Eileen DickinsonFranklin-3-2Nay
Representative Marianna GamacheFranklin-4Nay
Representative Brian K. SavageFranklin-4Nay
Representative Lisa HangoFranklin-5Nay
Representative Charen FegardFranklin-5Yea
Representative James GregoireFranklin-6Yea
Representative Felisha LefflerFranklin-7Nay
Representative Leland MorganGrand Isle-ChittendenNay
Representative Mitzi JohnsonGrand Isle-ChittendenNot Voting
Representative Heidi E. ScheuermannLamoille-1Yea
Representative Matthew HillLamoille-2Yea
Representative Daniel NoyesLamoille-2Yea
Representative Lucy RogersLamoille-3Yea
Representative Avram PattLamoille-WashingtonYea
Representative David YacovoneLamoille-WashingtonYea
Representative Rodney GrahamOrange-1Absent
Representative Carl DemrowOrange-1Yea
Representative Sarah Copeland HanzasOrange-2Yea
Representative Charles ConquestOrange-CaledoniaYea
Representative Philip Jay HooperOrange-Washington-AddisonYea
Representative Peter ReedOrange-Washington-AddisonYea
Representative Lynn BatchelorOrleans-1Nay
Representative Brian SmithOrleans-1Nay
Representative Michael MarcotteOrleans-2Yea
Representative Woodman PageOrleans-2Yea
Representative Vicki StrongOrleans-CaledoniaNay
Representative Samuel YoungOrleans-CaledoniaYea
Representative Mark HigleyOrleans-LamoilleNay
Representative Patricia McCoyRutland-1Nay
Representative Thomas BurdittRutland-2Nay
Representative David PotterRutland-2Nay
Representative Robert HelmRutland-3Absent
Representative William CanfieldRutland-3Nay
Representative Thomas TerenziniRutland-4Yea
Representative Peter J. FaganRutland-5-1Nay
Representative Lawrence CupoliRutland-5-2Nay
Representative Mary E. HowardRutland-5-3Yea
Representative William NotteRutland-5-4Yea
Representative Stephanie JeromeRutland-6Yea
Representative Charles "Butch" Shaw Rutland-6Yea
Representative Robin Chesnut-TangermanRutland-BenningtonYea
Representative James HarrisonRutland-Windsor-1Nay
Representative Logan NicollRutland-Windsor-2Yea
Representative Anne B. DonahueWashington-1Nay
Representative Kenneth GoslantWashington-1Nay
Representative Robert LaClairWashington-2Yea
Representative Francis McFaunWashington-2Yea
Representative Peter AnthonyWashington-3Yea
Representative Tommy WalzWashington-3Yea
Representative Mary S. HooperWashington-4Yea
Representative Warren F. KitzmillerWashington-4Yea
Representative Kimberly JessupWashington-5Yea
Representative Janet AncelWashington-6Yea
Representative Katherine "Kari" Dolan Washington-7Yea
Representative Maxine GradWashington-7Yea
Representative Thomas StevensWashington-ChittendenYea
Representative Theresa WoodWashington-ChittendenYea
Representative Sara CoffeyWindham-1Yea
Representative Emilie KornheiserWindham-2-1Yea
Representative Mollie S. BurkeWindham-2-2Yea
Representative Tristan TolenoWindham-2-3Yea
Representative Carolyn W. PartridgeWindham-3Yea
Representative Kelley TullyWindham-3Yea
Representative Nader HashimWindham-4Yea
Representative Michael MrowickiWindham-4Yea
Representative Emily LongWindham-5Yea
Representative John GannonWindham-6Yea
Representative Laura SibiliaWindham-BenningtonYea
Representative Kelly PajalaWindham-Bennington-WindsorYea
Representative John L. BartholomewWindsor-1Yea
Representative Zachariah RalphWindsor-1Yea
Representative Annmarie ChristensenWindsor-2Absent
Representative Thomas BockWindsor-3-1Yea
Representative Alice M. EmmonsWindsor-3-2Absent
Representative Kristi MorrisWindsor-3-2Yea
Representative Randall SzottWindsor-4-1Yea
Representative Kevin "Coach" Christie Windsor-4-2Yea
Representative Rebecca WhiteWindsor-4-2Yea
Representative Charles KimbellWindsor-5Yea
Representative John O'BrienWindsor-Orange-1Yea
Representative Timothy BriglinWindsor-Orange-2Yea
Representative James MaslandWindsor-Orange-2Yea
Representative Sandy HaasWindsor-RutlandYea


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