VT H.112 gets ready for a vote in the House Agriculture Committee.

Today, the House Agriculture Committee spent the morning reviewing and modifying the language of H.112 which would require labels on genetically engineered foods sold in Vermont. After weeks of testimony the committee has begun the process of incorporating all the information they have gathered into this year’s bill.

The major issue still up for debate this afternoon is when the bill would go into effect. Last year, similar legislation passed out of the committee with the requirement that it would not go in to effect until labeling legislation was passed in California and two northeastern states. We are actively advocating that no such provision be included in this years bill. We believe that Vermonters’ Right to Know should not be contingent on the actions of other states.

The committee will continue its deliberations this afternoon and the bill is slated for a full committee vote either today or tomorrow. Stay tuned for more updates, and make sure to join us at our grassroots action forums in Middlebury and Burlington tonight¬†for a full rundown of the day’s events.

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