Big News! GMO Labeling Bill Passes House Ag Committee

On March 1st, after weeks of testimony, the House Agriculture Committee passed H.112 (this year’s GMO labeling bill) with a vote of 8-3. While this is the first of many hurdles the bill has to clear in the legislative process, it is a very positive sign for all of us who support labeling genetically engineered foods.

This is another great success in a week where we held five grassroots forums around the state, and talked to hundreds of Vermonters. Thanks to everyone who came out and committed to taking action in your community. Over the next several weeks, legislators will be hearing about GMO labeling from their constituents on a regular basis. Help carry this momentum forward for the second half of the legislative session by being one of those active constituents!

Make sure your legislators hear from you during town meeting week.

As we head to Town Meeting week, make sure you show our legislators on the Agriculture Committee some appreciation for passing this crucial legislation, and reach out to your representatives to make sure they support your right to know. There will be a lot happening as we go forward and we will keep you in the loop about the latest at the State House and the role you can play in labeling genetically engineered foods in Vermont.

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