VPIRG Works to Ban Fracking in Vermont

VPIRG is working to make Vermont the first state in the nation to ban the drilling process known as hydraulic fracturing.  Hydrofracking, or fracking as the practice is also known, can be extremely hazardous to the environment and a danger to public health for a number of reasons. This issue has recieved extensive media attention recently due to these serious concerns.

A preemptive ban on the use of fracking for natural gas in Vermont is vital to the protection of the state’s environment and people. VPIRG is coordinating the separate House and Senate bills to ensure that a complete ban on hydrofracking in Vermont passes this session. Bill H.464 is currently residing in the House Committee of Fish, Wildlife, and Water Resources. (Photo credit: Mark Schmerling).

Download the “Don’t Frack Vermont” fact sheet:

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