VPIRG Votes: Our 2018 ‘Get Out the Vote’ Effort Gets Underway

Despite a strong civic culture in our state, voter turnout in Vermont is declining.

In 2014 – the last non-presidential election year – Vermont saw the worst voter turnout in more than 50 years at a mere 41%. Compared to the 63% voter turnout in 2016, that’s more than 125,000 eligible Vermont voters that did not cast their vote in the last off-year election.

Strong voter turnout is a cornerstone of the public interest and a healthy democracy. We would not being living up to our mission as a public interest organization if we let this trend persist without doing everything in our power to help as many Vermonters as possible exercise their fundamental right to vote.

To help encourage voter turnout, VPIRG has just launched the biggest Get Out The Vote effort in our organizations history, to make certain that VPIRG members are voting in the 2018 elections.

We’re calling the effort VPIRG Votes! Our goal is to have 100% of VPIRG members and supporters vote in the upcoming Midterm Election.

So far in 2018, voter energy is high in Vermont and across the country. Turnout in the August primary election far exceeded the expectations of the political pundits. With so much on the line these days – the constant attacks on the health of our people, planet and democracy coming from those in power in Washington D.C. – Vermonters need to continue to turn out to the polls in massive numbers to show that a different path is possible.

Unlike other states, voting in Vermont is incredibly accessible, inclusive, and convenient – thanks in part to VPIRG’s work over the years. You can cast your vote in a variety of ways, from Election Day voter registration to automatic voter registration, early voting and voting by mail.

It’s easy to vote – and there’s no excuse not to. If we are going to change the direction of the state and country, it’s up to you to vote.

>>Take Action: Let us know that we can count on you to vote by taking our 2018 Vermont Voter Pledge!

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